Pizza Special Review

Pizza Hut PZone Pizza Special.

Pizza Hut has brought back the P'Zone pizza, not as a pizza special, but for good this time. The P'Zone pizza from Pizza Hut is one of our favorites and we couldn't wait to get a hold of one! The P'Zone pizza is priced at $5.99 each and available in 3 recipes. We ordered a Meaty Pzone and a Pepperoni Pzone.

Here is a picture of the inside of the pepperoni P'Zone. It was stuffed with cheese and a good helping of pepperoni! The P'Zone pizza from Pizza Hut has an average weight of 1.07lbs and they are filling! They come with a choice of dipping sauce; you can get marinara, ranch, or garlic. The Pizza Hut P'Zone is also topped with fresh parmesan and parsley. Over all, or P'Zone experience was a great one! The bake was right on, not doughy in the middle, and the fillings were plentiful. We're glad to see that they are finally keeping these on the menu for good.



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