Pizza Special Review

Ci Ci's Pizza Buffet

What can you get for $5? How about Ci Ci's pizza buffet! Today we visited the pizza buffet at our local Ci Ci's pizza. The price, just $5 no pizza coupon needed and if your thirsty, there is a drink charge.

If you love pizza, this is the place to visit! The buffet is loaded with all kinds of different pizza, salad, pasta, and desserts. In our picture, we had a slice of buffalo chicken, a slice of pepperoni and sausage, a cheese stick, cinnamon rolls, and their brownies. 

All of the pizza slices that we tasted were pretty good, nicely topped and baked. The only real downfall that we noticed was that at times, the buffet wasn't filled. The night that we visited was pretty busy, but holding off just a few minutes gave us time to digest. We were amazed at the service that they give for being a pizza buffet. It seemed as if every time a plate of pizza was finished off they were there to grab the dirty plate. 

Over all a great experience and we are looking forward to the next time we visit! Oh and by the way, if you ever visit a Ci Ci's, you'll never forget the name. Just about every customer that enters the door is welcomed with, "Welcome to Ci Ci's", by the whole staff!

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