Pizza Special Review

Pizza Hut Mia Pizza.

Pizza Hut has launched the new Chocolate Dunkers special, so it was time to give them a try. Well, we were going to try them but for $8 we passed. However we did order another Pizza Hut special..... Man o man, maybe we should have gotten the Chocolate Dunkers. We gave another try on the Mia Pizza, now the first time we ordered the Mia Pizza from Pizza Hut, the pizzas were great! This time around, what a disappointment and waste of money. I believe a quick look at the pictures tells the stories of these pies. I thought I had ordered pizza, but what I got was dough or I guess you could call it a lot of crust with a little bit of cheese and toppings

Yes, the Mia pizza is a bargain pizza, but who got the bargain here? Wow they made some serious profit off of these.  

I was always taught that in life there will come those times when it is best to keep your mouth closed and this is one of those times! Really, there is nothing good to say about any of these pizzas. Poor topping distribution, bake I guess was o.k., presentation horrible. If there was ever a time that I would have called their 800 number, this would have been that time.



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