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Donato's Pizza Special

Donato's pizza introduced a new pizza special recently! The new pizza is called the Brick Oven Pizza and the special price for the pizza is $10. 

This new pizza special from Donato's is available in 3 different special recipes - Pepperoni & Meatball, 5 Cheese, and Sicilian Chicken. This is a review of the Pepperoni and Meatball Brick Oven Pizza. 

donatos brick oven pizza 

The pizza is created in an oval shape and comes with 10 slices. The dough has the consistency of a hand tossed dough. The dough had a decent flavor to it where the toppings were but the crust I didn't really care for, it had a bit of a burnt flavor to it. 

donatos pizza special 

In the picture above, you can get a good idea of how the thickness of the dough is. For the most part the stretch of the dough was pretty consistent, I really only had 1 piece of pizza that had very little dough to hold the piece without it flopping down.

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Topping wise for the Donato's Brick Oven pizza was pretty good, the pepperoni was crispy as was the meatball chunks. Personally I love the flavor of the pepperoni that Donato's uses. The cheese was very flavorful and there was mozzarella chunks randomly put on the pizza.

Overall experience with this Donato's Pizza special was decent. The toppings I enjoyed but the crust I didn't particularly care for. The service was friendly but when I arrived for my pizza's, one was finished and the other wasn't. I was told it would be ready in about 2 minutes and then they returned and told me it would be more like 5-7 minutes. It was obvious that they made a mistake on the second pizza that I ordered, all they had to do was state that and I would've understood.

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donatos pizza review

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