Order a pizza from Pizza Hut with your mobile phone

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Pizza Hut mobile pizza orderingPizza Hut now gives you the opportunity to order a pizza via your mobile phone. There are two different ways to go about this, you can order via text messaging or you can use the mobile Pizza Hut website.

Ordering Pizza Hut via text messaging

1) Visit Pizzahut.com and create an account

2) Add your mobile phone number to your account

3) Set up a Pizza Hut play list to name and save your favorite pizza orders

Once you have this set up, there is two simple steps that you need to do in order to place a pizza order from Pizza Hut mobile pizza ordering.

A) Enter the letter "O" followed by a space and the name of your favorite play list (favorite pizza)

B) Send the text to 749488

Ordering Pizza Hut via Pizza Hut Mobile website

1) Visit Pizzahut.com and create an account

2) Open the browser on your web-enable mobile phone and go to Pizza Hut Mobile website. (Pizzahut.com)

3) Log-in

4) Place your Pizza Hut order

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