Pizza Delivery

Can it be a 30 minute meal?

You're in a hurry and need lunch or dinner fast, what do you do? You could run to your local fast food restaurant, toss something in the microwave, or you can order a pizza! A pizza shop that is operating properly, should be able to deliver a pizza to you in around 30 minutes. These is a key section that pizza companies look at, servicing the customer. The owners of pizza restaurants know that in order to keep your business, they must have a superior product and customer service.

So what does it take to make this happen? From the consumers point of view, you may not know what all goes on in the pizza kitchen. It all starts with the phone call, this is a vital part of the process. When an order is taken on the phone, it is vital that everything is correct. This includes the pizza, appetizers, salads, pop, phone number, name, address, and even key instructions that will help the delivery driver find you faster! It is very important for the employee's with in the pizza shop to be able to take your order as quickly as possible. This means that you should have everything you want to order ready for them when you call. If you have all the information before you call the pizza shop, they should be able to take your order in about 1-2 minutes. 

When the order is completed on the phone, it is then taken to the pizza maketable. The pizza make table is where your order is constructed. To ensure the product is constructed as fast as possible, the make table should always be stocked. If everything is stocked and the pizza shop is operating properly, your pizza should be made in about 2 minutes. When the pizza is finished, it's time to be placed in the oven. Depending on the pizza oven (belt or stone oven), you pizza should be cooked in about 9-12 minutes. So right now, we are sitting at 12-16 minutes since you placed your order.

The next step is delivering your pizza order. As I mentioned before, it is vital that you provide accurate instructions on where you would like your food delivered and also a phone number that you can be reached at in case they need to call you. A properly run pizza shop should have plenty of delivery drivers on hand. Figure 3-4 deliveries per driver per hour. So if it's dinner time and you average 20 deliveries at your peak, a pizza shop should have a minimum of 5 drivers scheduled. If this is the case, your delivery should be out the door in around 16-18 minutes leaving 14-12 minutes to get the pizza delivered to you. Given the time of day with traffic congestion and the delivery information you supplied, you should have you pizza in around 30 minutes!

Key points to help get your pizza as fast as possible

  • Knowing what you want to order before calling

  • Accurate delivery information, give additional instructions if needed

  • Phone number that you can be reached at

  • If it's dark out, leave the porch light on

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