The Power of Pizza 

Did you know that Pizza has power?

Pizza has the power to add a smile to a youngster, an adult, and a gathering! Often times, it is the simple things that bring glory to the end of a day. Think about it, your getting home late from work and you have to be someplace in two hours. Do you have time to cook? Probably not, you will probably need to change and find time for something to eat. Whatís the answer? Give your favorite pizza shop a call on the way home. This will free up some time for you, by the time you get ready for your plans, the pizza can be delivered! Most pizza shops even have plates and napkins available so you wonít even have to worry about the dishes. That pizza probably just saved you a good 30 minutes of time and in that 30 minutes, you can grab a little bit of relaxation!


Are you planning a gathering for a sporting event, birthday party, or movie night? Would you rather be cooking all day and then have to clean all those dishes or would you rather save time and order some sheet pizzaís? For gatherings of all sizes, most pizza shops can make enough pizza to tame the hunger bugs! Itís simple on your part, leaves you will very little clean-up, and everybody loves pizza! Believe or not, most pizza shops love to offer pizzaís to large groups, it gives them exposure to a number of people. When you are in need of a lot of pizza, ask the pizza shop about catering prices or large pizza specials or pizza coupons, it will earn you a better price per slice!

Finally we have the youngster of today that we all so dearly love! Think back to when you were a kid, do you ever have pizza night? Iím sure most of you did. I know my family had pizza night on a lot of Friday evenings. That night was usually the time we gathered and enjoyed some pizza and movies! It was togetherness and it always brought a smile to my face! Kids love pizza, itís a food they can truly enjoy. So if you have youngsters, set aside a night and enjoy some time together with that oh so good slice of pizza and a movie! Bring back those times of yester year, they seem to be forgotten sometimes in this day in age.

Keep it simple, enjoy a slice of life! Wishing you Happy Pizza Eating!

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